Thursday, October 29, 2009

Upstairs Loft a.k.a. "The Playroom"

Our playroom triples as my "office", "theater" and the kids' "playroom". This room is as large as our family room downstairs and is a very open space. When you near the top of the stairs, it is right doors and all mess.

This room houses the majority of Annelise and Michael's toys, my makeshift desk, our old big screen t.v. and a large sectional that moved its way up from our family room a couple years ago. There is very little storage and is one of the rooms that we spend a great deal of time in.

We bought our house before kids so we did not have the experience of dealing with loads of toys and the need for hidden storage. I kick myself for not turning this into a bunk room with doors and closets and the cost of converting this room would be too much.

I've thought about putting up curtains in the entry to give a little privacy and to hide the clutter but I think the cost would be nearly what it would be to drywall the room.

Eventually I want to add cream shears to hide the blinds and add more lighting. I also need to add the additional rings that I bought a year ago!

I need to convince the husband that the lights kits will look good with the fans.

I tried to divide the playroom so Annelise and Michael could have their own spaces and to avoid fights but it has not worked yet!

This wall needs some attention.

Annelise and I cleaned the table on the left. It was covered with dvds. I picked up a storage case at Walmart and that took care of the clutter.

I'm thinking of getting a tension rod or shower curtain rod for the desks and sewing curtains to hide the clutter.

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