Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little Michael's Room

Michael is almost two and we are getting ready to transition him into his big boy bed from the crib.I found a rustic pottery barn style bed on for a steal at $40! I will be sanding it, touching it up and adding a little red to give it a more rustic look. (More to come on this project!)

I will also be getting his mattress set this week and I have been looking at bedding sets. The current dilemma is that I cannot find any Disney Cars bedding that looks nice. I looked at several etsy stores for custom quilts but I think they are a bit pricey.

Several months ago I scored a red quilt at my favorite place, Target, for under $10 so I am leaning towards just getting some sheets and accent pillows.

I really hate doing "character themed" rooms and his room has never looked like a nursery. His current decor is planes, trains, automobiles and boats. Sounds like a lot but it was based from a bedding set that I picked up at Bombay Kids before they closed. It's has vintage look.

Here's pictures that I took awhile ago. I have since added a little more but I can never seem to finish his room because I am always looking for that perfect something...i.e. the perfect boat for the top of his hutch. I think my husband stuck that boat up there because he thought it was funny.

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