Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Heart Target

Target and I have had a great relationship since I was about ten.  It was the first year that I was able to do my own Christmas shopping and it was all taken care of thanks to Target.  

Our relationship grew with time and I was reintroduced to Target clearance shopping in high school by my dear friend, Heather, whose sister worked there.  Before I moved out on my own, I would shop there once a week to buy items on clearance for my first place.

My boyfriend, now husband, has the same love of Target and we used to go on "dates" to Target before marriage and the babies in the carriage...

The revolution of SuperTarget has been the icing on the cake in our relationship.  It's better than the blue store because you get that great target clearance and groceries for a one stop shop.  With SuperTarget came Super  Coupons for double the savings!

Tonight just renewed my love for Tarjay!

ADDITIONALLY, we bought three camping chairs and a twelve pack of soda for a grand total of......

$18 (and some change)!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Finds

So I mentioned that I was trying to get back into savings and so far the savings have been pretty good thanks to my favorite deals sites: & SlickDeals.Net!  Check them out because they break down the deals and make the savings simple.  

If your saving those points from Pampers, here is a code (thanks totally target!) for 200 points: 

And some more points to bank (thanks to my super dupe coup pal Jennie!):











Sunday, July 11, 2010

Streching those Diaper Dollars

Sadly to say, my little one is not yet potty trained and he seems to be regressing...either that or the terrible twos have stolen my sweet little boy and replaced him with a mischevious munchkin that wants to avoid potties at all cost and is happy to change to a pull up with a new design. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that diapers and pullups are still in the picture for a little while longer, which means, I need to keep searching for deals and other ways to minimize the cost.
1) Internet Coupons:  There are a whole slew of coupons out there to print online right now.  Here are some that I recently stumbled upon (i.e.,,, etc.)

2) Combining Coups: I love being able to match up a Target coupon with a manufacturer's coupon plus a sale.  I can end up getting diapers at reasonable pricing.

3) Gift Card Deals, Extra Care Backs, Register Rewards:  Target has been offering gift cards more recently and the best time to buy is generally when they do the buy jumbo three packs, get a $5.00 gift card. Extra Care Bucks at CVS and Register Rewards are essentially the same concept. 

4) Compliments and Complaints:  If you have a problem or a praise, the main brands tend to send coupons and in my experience those coupons are worth the few keystrokes it takes in exchange for my two cents.

5) Points: Both Pampers and Huggies offer rewards for logging their codes from the packages.  Pampers has been doing their points progoram for awhile so the pickings are a little better and they change from time to time so bank those points if you don't see anything of interest.  Huggies offers free diapers so that is definitely a plus.

And for those who are participating in the Pampers Rewards or want to set up an account, here are some codes I recently found while surfing the web.  Pass them along because every point counts!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recovery Time

March through June is a fairly busy time @ in our lives because there is a steady flow of birthday parties during this time frame.   Life begins on the weekends and with only two days available and the occasional holiday, little time is left for projects.

But that does not mean they have been entirely neglected.  My sidekick and I have been putting in some sweet sweat time out in the Arizona heat in an effort to get the table done.  Yes, it should be done by now but there has been sanding, painting, repainting and sanding (repeat three times more). The reason is....I am not happy with the outcome.   Let's just say that trial and error is in full force.  

Also on the forefront has been the "crap" room, which has seen great improvements but it is still full of crap.  Hence, the continued use of it's name.  However, the floor is visible and there is an unorganized order surfacing.

Additionally, I have been trying to get back into the coups.  I use them but I've been going through the burnout and I am working to reignite the fire!   I'm totally into Totally Target and vow to get some totally great deals!

So I am off to dealing (I mean with coups) and getting ready for a busy day!  More is come soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shades Away

I know I have been a little shady these days but what can I say.  This was a big decision.  I mean, this is a lamp shade we are talking about.  In the sceme of things, it was a small decision but a decision no less.
And of course, there is that thing called life that gets in the way of all things exciting.

So I did what I do best...evaluate and contemplate until I really just wanted to pick a shade and be done.  I went with my gut instinct and went with the last of the three.   So here three be:

Yeah, I know...bad lighting for a post about lighting.

But, this is really about the shade.

And since it was #3 that was for about another looksy.

And the price that #3 would be.....

Drum roll please.....


Well almost but is was closer to three than two and there was sales let's just round up.

The best was saved for last and cheapest of the three!
Yeah me and the craft room to be!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shady Deals

It all started out with "Telly", a telescopic lamp base, sitting on a lonely shelf in Target with a tag of $9 and some change. Original price $39.99 and a craft room lacking light. 
That's all that need be said.

Obviously this lamp needed a shade...but there was one catch, the shade needed to be a deal in itself.  Otherwise, what's the point of a deal when it's companion is full price?

So I searched for the perfect shade but ended up with three!

Each are about the same size and the same shape.  Price tags are all under $5, which makes this decision a difficult one.

This is the first shade that I bought and I was thrilled that there wasn't much of a search on my part.  However, I planned on covering this one with some burlap fabric so there was more work in store.

The burlap would provide a contrast with the black base.

Second Shade was an unexpected deal at an unexpected time.  I was just breezing through the store to pick up my husband's prescription and on the way out, this caught my eye. 

And the price was right.

I'm liking the contrast and there's no additional work to be done...
but then again, isn't that the fun?

Why three? Just one more decision, I know.
But I need this one to glow!

So, One, Two or Three?
Which One is Right for Me?

Which of these lack
and are getting ready to go back?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Born Again Burlap!

My Tulips died...
So I am a little dramatic...
They just wilted so I put them out to pasture....
In our garden so they may have a chance to live on!

However, I had nothing to look at inside.  I took my $3.00 off flower coupon for Fry's and bought some new flowers for $.99 out-of-pocket. 
With my black thumb, I my investment needed to me on the cheap side.

 I reused my burlap but this time, I cut a hole in the bottom beceause my good idea wasn't so great.

I used the cheap wrapping as a stencil and cut a hole in the burlap.
And there you have it!  $.99 of Happiness in my Kitchen!

 And you can't even tell there is a hole in the bottom.  Easy for watering! 
Hopefully this one will make it a bit longer!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chasing Chairs

Okay, so do you remember my chair budget of $40 for the playroom table?

I know, I am obviously not done with the table project since I have yet to post  some pictures but I assure you that I have made progress!

Enough about how slow I am and back to chairs...I've already spent $2 on my yard sale find so I only have $38 left.  I've been stalking chairs daily on and breaking for yard sales but no deals have come my way.

After returning the "unfit" chair cover to Target, I perused the aisles...naturally.  As usual I am scoping out the clearance and just keeping my eyes peeled for deals for those "necessities" on my mental "wish" list.  

Low and behold, I stumbled upon this:

 Poor picture, I know.  Let me explain how inexperienced a photographer I am hard it is to take a picture of a price tag at night with bad lighting.

So for you blind folks that can't squint hard's $10.06!

And this is not just any old chair.  It is a BRAND SPANKING NEW Kid Kraft Avalon Chair that retails for about $40.  It's slightly less at Wallie World and the lowest deal I have found is at Kohls with a coupon and free shipping...but still too expensive for me.

  Believe me, I have yet to find a slew of $10 chairs even at yard sales.

The box was opened but heck, it just saved me the trouble of having to rip the dang thing open.   And Kid Kraft is a good company as I have personally dealt with them before.  If something is missing, they don't want you to take it back to the store, they will send you any piece free of chair. 

Trust me, they sent me a whole new wooden mixer with no troubles because it had some green paint on it and I have OCD...They didn't even ask for the tainted piece back.

As luck would have it, all the pieces were there and by the looks of the parts, no one bothered to try to put this baby together before.  Everything was sealed and the poor person that ordered this  online it delievered during the early part of February. 

Yes, the shipping label was still on the box. 

For the sake of privacy, I will keep the name a secret even though I am surprised that my favorite store would leave a shipping label on the box...geeze...can we say lazy?  Black it out or put a new label over it.

But most importantly, to that person who ordered this chair online and changed their mind, all I have to say is THANK YOU!

Let's have a knock on wood for good chair deals to come!

Monday, March 15, 2010

One Size Does Not Fit All!

We all know how much I love Target!  I have found some of the best clearance deals at Target stores, whether it be in Las Vegas or the stores in our "new" home in the Phoenix area.

So, when I found a chair cover that appeared to be a fit for Annelise's rocker, I was intrigued.  And it was on clearance marked down by 75%.  Since the chair cover was originally $49.99, that made it about $12.50 plus tax, which sealed the deal.  At that price, I thought it was worth the gamble...and with a return policy so great, how could I pass this one up?

Annelise made it clear that she did not like the color green...I tried to convince her that the small amount of "green" in her room was actually sage and that it was very girly and Barbie like...

it kinda worked....And if it didn't, I like her room...what's her opinion count for?  I mean I pay the bills (yes, I said it!) and I decorated it before she was even born!

Should I be offended? So, Annelise was going along with it...until she saw the chair cover...

 And she fell in love...boy, do I have trouble coming....

She loved it despite the fact that this one size fits all cover, did not fit all.  Needless to say, I convinced her that this chair cover was going back to the store and my dear husband confirmed the same.  

That's right, we are the parents and that's all that needs to be said.  Okay so, it didn't go that way...I was just reliving my childhood...LOL.  Rather, I instinctively manipulated the situation until Annelise realized that she thought it was too big and didn't fit right. 

Quite frankly, no amount of ironing would save this cover's lack of appearance.  So all in alll, I saved myself $12  on car insurance.

Who says that happy endings are only in fairy tales?

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Knocking on Wood

If you don't already know by now, I knock wood.  Seriously I do.   I like cars with faux wood interior because I believe in the power of the wood. 

When my turn comes, I know knocking on wood and karma will come through with the big know the lottery!

In desperate times, I knock on plastic, dry wall, or my faux wood desk from Ikea.  I firmly believe that if the intent is there, it will work.  But I do prefer the real thing...

And like most people, I like expensive things.  As a spoiled American citizen, I believe I can say that our country as a whole is drawn to the expensive things and we all want it now...whether or not we can afford it is another story.

Everytime I am near the Chandler Mall, I visit Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids and I grab every catolog in sight. I like the color cards and the swatches too. I don't always buy something but I sure love to look.

After I get home from a bad (stressful) (crazy) (fill in the blank) day, I open one of the catologs...
and my troubles melt away.

For some you would think that trouble begins...I mean it is shopping afterall..

But this free inspiration makes me feel like I can do anything and my middle class life will not hold me back from enjoying that model home look.

Every chance I get, I unload my Amex points for a gift card to this beloved store and I have gotten quite a few over the years. By bills have afforded me (and my kids) these splurges over the years:
Outdoor Grommet Drapes
It's too dark to take an original picture so I refer to you to the site:
I had $400 in gift cards...
(I originally was going to buy the kids a craft table but there's a story to go with that PB experience best left for another day.) and for eight panels, I still spent over $100 out of pocket.
Dollhouse $159 (plus tax)
No monies spent beyond the gift cards but I did spend some dough on the furniture and referred relatives to PB Kids for their own shopping enjoyment.

$55.00 Shopping Trip
No Gift Cards :( But Clearanced!!!

Barbie Bedding...It's a Secret so don't mention it to Bananalise! 

$55 is actually practical given that sheets sets are Wallie World can run about $30.  And I was able to get a sheet set, pillowcase, decorative throw pillow and sylish heavy duty finials.  And it is for a special occasion and she needs a second set of sheets.  I am wasting too much water on bedding loads and the water bill is out of control! 

Depending on how long I can wait, it will be for her Birthday...or the Easter Bunny...But should I let that bunny take all the credit?

There are more deals that I have made but it's too late to keep pondering those purchases over the years!

So given my love of wood and PB, you must understand how excited I was when I heard about Anna's blog @ Knock Off Wood

Knock Off Wood

It Ranked as One of My Top Favorite Blogs.  Does that tell you what a good thing I found???
And I shared it with everyone that was important to me. 
(If I didn't tell you yet, I was going to but the opportunity had not come yet!)

So, when I heard the news from my bff, Heather, I was stunned.  Yes, PB wants her to remove all of their pictures and mention of their name.  I read it myself.  Take a look if you don't believe me.

And I spread the word...and am trying to keep it going!  I was considering killing some trees and printing her entire website but my love of wood stopped me and fortunately, PB didn't demand that she take down her plans.  And if they did try, I am sure I can fly to Alaska and beg Anna for a complete set...

But because I am a poor paralegal without frequent flyer miles, I decided I would hit up a buddy for buddy pass to fly (hint, hint, my fellow wood knocking friend)...or just beg for my employer to open an Alaska office and demand that we have an in person disbursement conference held by yours truly.

So the moral of my story is that I actually buy PB on rare occasions...I do drop some dollars or gift cards when I do...but I would not buy their marked up full priced furniture even if I won the lottery.

Why, because it is too expensive for my inexpensive, middle class, frugal self no matter how much money I have or don't have.  I really doubt that anyone that reads Anna's blog can afford, want to afford or would have bought the furniture from PB to begin with...

And I would like to add, her blog actually reminded me to check out the clearance at PB so if anything PB got some free advertisement.  I know that I won't be giving any of my business or word of mouth for them anymore.  Come on...there may be a line drawn or not but it's just furniture.

It is not as though PB came up with a unique design.  I see old antiques and inspirations from other sources that makes me wonder whether their ideas were "borrowed" from a peon
(pee on...get it?) like you or me.

If the real world taught me anything in life, it's the small people that count and hold the big ideas.
We just don't see much of the profit.  I wonder if the person that signed the letter actually wrote it...

So refrain from shopping at a store that targets the little folks and hold those credit card points for another store...

Anne @ theloydcollection

PS: The pictures posted on this post were taken by me of items I bought so not to infringe on some corporation's ego.   When I have time, I will remove all the pictures I too have borrowed from their site so I don't provide anymore free advertising...because we all know how much time free I have and how much money I am making from blogging ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing with the Giveaway!

I promptly received the giveaway gift in the mail on Monday from Heather @ Pixie Dust but the week had been ever so crazy that I had no time to really play with this!

The week was truly crazier than the norm.  We went to Annelise's future kindergarten registration in our home district and added with a couple nights of grocery shopping, errands, etc. and it just throws our whole week for a loop!

But finally, here it is for all to see!

You know I am a sucker for boxes and barbies...I am already thinking of how I can repurpose these....We are very slowly working on transforming Annelise's room into a Barbie room so the card will be easy!

With this, Heather also sent: 

Not ONE,


But THREE Scentsy bars!


Sounds romantic!


So, I unwrapped everything and ready the directions while Michael played with the bubble wrap from the light bulb. Yes, a light bulb!

Michael loves trying to pop the bubble wrap!

I found it a nice play next to its predecesor....look at the Scentsy bar...looks like candy and smells good enough to eat...but since it's made out of wax, I refrained.  (I wonder if wax has calories?)

Yes, it's predecessor has been all wicked out for some time but still the jar still looks pretty!

Smells nice like a candle with no flames!

And itt glows just like a candle too and does a great job of distinguishing the strong leftover dinner smells!  I am impressed! 

Thanks Heather!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dressing up the Tulips!

I love tulips!

It's amazing how dirty bulbs transform into beautiful flowers!

What more is there to say?

I doubt they would even grow in our yard here in Arizona.  If by chance they survived and sprouted into a beatiful flower, they would be sure to fry within a couple months time.

But that didn't stop me from getting these!  After all, I can keep them inside our temperature controlled barn...a.k.a. our house.

Although they bring a smile to my face, I also noticed the grocery store wrapping every time I looked at them.  Boring, green and does not coordinate well with the rest of the decor.

So I did what any other OCDer (Obsessive & Organized Decorator) would do, I took the green wrapping off and I cut a piece of burlap that was a bit larger. 

(Before I began my cutting, I did feed it and let it drain in the sink...I do want it to live!)

Since these flowers would probably need more water to continue on, I kept the piece of green wrapping so I could still water it without a mess (or so hope...we will see how that goes).

I them put the wrap back on but before covering it with my burlap, I tucked down the wrap into the band thing that originally came with it to hold it all together...I hope you know what I am talking about!

My sidekick, Annelise Hood (in her own Robin Hood...Not Little Red Riding Hood), helped hold the burlap so I could tie some of twine to hold it all together. 

Yup, same ball of Target One Spot Twine!  Best dollar I ever spent...
(that I can think of for now anyway!)

And there you have it! 

This takes only a couple minutes.  If you take pictures, it takes about five minutes.  If you have kids, make it ten minutes.

Here's the Breakdown:

Potted Tulip (Safeway)  $6.99
Burlap (Scraps from Another Project) Free
Target Twine (Been Using this Ball Awhile) Free 

Total = $6.99
Total Tulip Dressup: Free