Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shady Deals

It all started out with "Telly", a telescopic lamp base, sitting on a lonely shelf in Target with a tag of $9 and some change. Original price $39.99 and a craft room lacking light. 
That's all that need be said.

Obviously this lamp needed a shade...but there was one catch, the shade needed to be a deal in itself.  Otherwise, what's the point of a deal when it's companion is full price?

So I searched for the perfect shade but ended up with three!

Each are about the same size and the same shape.  Price tags are all under $5, which makes this decision a difficult one.

This is the first shade that I bought and I was thrilled that there wasn't much of a search on my part.  However, I planned on covering this one with some burlap fabric so there was more work in store.

The burlap would provide a contrast with the black base.

Second Shade was an unexpected deal at an unexpected time.  I was just breezing through the store to pick up my husband's prescription and on the way out, this caught my eye. 

And the price was right.

I'm liking the contrast and there's no additional work to be done...
but then again, isn't that the fun?

Why three? Just one more decision, I know.
But I need this one to glow!

So, One, Two or Three?
Which One is Right for Me?

Which of these lack
and are getting ready to go back?


  1. For some reason I am leaning towards three. Funny story, I was at the good will this weekend and the had 2 really cute kid chairs all I could think is I wish I could get them to you. How is the chair hunt going? You probably already know but Knock Off Wood has some tutorials for kids chairs--they don't look to hard.

  2. This post is getting SHADY!! You need to post more please!!1