Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm not talking about Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America and the like...or the unlikeable as they have been known for in recent news. 

I am talking about bankers chairs...a.k.a. the swivel chair:

This chair in itself would require a bailout because it goes for $399 at Pottery Barn!And here's a more comfortable version:For you bum that $399, is fairly indigestible for your bank account!

 Well I almost hand my hands on one of these from but it was sold out from under me like a bank heist.  Well not quite but the seller was poor in terms of service.
Despite my early email and requests to meet, she decided to sell it to the first person at her door!
This was quite tragic because the price was right at $30!
Nonetheless, I continue on with my search for an affordable crafty chair for my crap room, which is less crappy these days...but not enough to show its space...besides I do need to save a little face. 
Saddened by this loss, I shopped...
Walmart $119 (Free Shipping)

Kmart $147.74 (Shipping Included)

Slightly Cheaper at $139.44 (Shipping Included)
Here's some cheaper options from craigslist:
Option I:
Offered @ $50.00 But Needs Some Love!
Option II
$50.00 for Both (Only Need the Chair & It's a Long Haul)
Emailed but SOLD :(
So the question is....
Should I settle or continue on my quest?