Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dressing up the Tulips!

I love tulips!

It's amazing how dirty bulbs transform into beautiful flowers!

What more is there to say?

I doubt they would even grow in our yard here in Arizona.  If by chance they survived and sprouted into a beatiful flower, they would be sure to fry within a couple months time.

But that didn't stop me from getting these!  After all, I can keep them inside our temperature controlled barn...a.k.a. our house.

Although they bring a smile to my face, I also noticed the grocery store wrapping every time I looked at them.  Boring, green and does not coordinate well with the rest of the decor.

So I did what any other OCDer (Obsessive & Organized Decorator) would do, I took the green wrapping off and I cut a piece of burlap that was a bit larger. 

(Before I began my cutting, I did feed it and let it drain in the sink...I do want it to live!)

Since these flowers would probably need more water to continue on, I kept the piece of green wrapping so I could still water it without a mess (or so hope...we will see how that goes).

I them put the wrap back on but before covering it with my burlap, I tucked down the wrap into the band thing that originally came with it to hold it all together...I hope you know what I am talking about!

My sidekick, Annelise Hood (in her own Robin Hood...Not Little Red Riding Hood), helped hold the burlap so I could tie some of twine to hold it all together. 

Yup, same ball of Target One Spot Twine!  Best dollar I ever spent...
(that I can think of for now anyway!)

And there you have it! 

This takes only a couple minutes.  If you take pictures, it takes about five minutes.  If you have kids, make it ten minutes.

Here's the Breakdown:

Potted Tulip (Safeway)  $6.99
Burlap (Scraps from Another Project) Free
Target Twine (Been Using this Ball Awhile) Free 

Total = $6.99
Total Tulip Dressup: Free 


  1. tulips are my favorite!! This makes me wanna go buy some for myself. Cute idea, I hate the store cheapy looking