Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

These last couple days have been a bit crazy at the Loyd house! We went to my work's Halloween Party on Friday. We cut the night short at 10 because we brought the kids. Annelise had a blast with the other little girls and my husband was on baby sitting duty with little Michael.

I dressed up as the "naughty" nun.

Although I had great plans for Halloween Day to refinish Michael's big boy bed, it did not work out as planned. I have great hope for tomorrow though!

We dropped off the Yukon to get the breaks done and had to find Little Michael another Buzz Lightyear costume because he did not fit into the one we had gotten for him.

We hit Walmart, The Disney Store, Spirit Store, Marshall's and Target but they were all cleaned out! Michael ended up wearing his Buzz Lightyear pajamas, which actually turned out pretty good because Mike took him home about ten houses into trick or treating because he needed a diaper change.

I continued on with Annelise on her candy mission for about two hours. She wanted to go to every house and was having a blast! We went through the houses in our area of the subdivision as well as another section. Her bag was overflowing when we returned home and filled an entire bowl full!

Giveaway Time @ Home to 3 Duncan Boys...

One of my fellow bloggers, Lakeitha @ Home to 3 Duncan Boys is having a Giveaway for a subscription to one of many different decorating/home magazines!

Lakeitha has a great blog featuring what we all love! Decorating and refurbishing, of course. She is the process of having her house painted and the transformation is already fantastic! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!

Should I be so lucky to win this giveaway, I would love a subscription to Traditional Home! I don't already subscribe to this magazine and would enjoy seeing more home decorating ideas in my mailbox each month!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Upstairs Loft a.k.a. "The Playroom"

Our playroom triples as my "office", "theater" and the kids' "playroom". This room is as large as our family room downstairs and is a very open space. When you near the top of the stairs, it is right doors and all mess.

This room houses the majority of Annelise and Michael's toys, my makeshift desk, our old big screen t.v. and a large sectional that moved its way up from our family room a couple years ago. There is very little storage and is one of the rooms that we spend a great deal of time in.

We bought our house before kids so we did not have the experience of dealing with loads of toys and the need for hidden storage. I kick myself for not turning this into a bunk room with doors and closets and the cost of converting this room would be too much.

I've thought about putting up curtains in the entry to give a little privacy and to hide the clutter but I think the cost would be nearly what it would be to drywall the room.

Eventually I want to add cream shears to hide the blinds and add more lighting. I also need to add the additional rings that I bought a year ago!

I need to convince the husband that the lights kits will look good with the fans.

I tried to divide the playroom so Annelise and Michael could have their own spaces and to avoid fights but it has not worked yet!

This wall needs some attention.

Annelise and I cleaned the table on the left. It was covered with dvds. I picked up a storage case at Walmart and that took care of the clutter.

I'm thinking of getting a tension rod or shower curtain rod for the desks and sewing curtains to hide the clutter.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Overdue Projects

Subconsciously, I procrastinate anything my husband tells me to do around the house. It's usually nothing too big because I generally take it upon myself to clean and do laundry.

Several years ago...four probably to be exact, I decorated our guest bathroom downstairs and never really finished it. I am not much of a painter and kinda gave up because I was irritated with the whole ordeal. I did finish painting but was sick of the room by the time I completed and it was no longer fun to me. Everything else turned into a chore.

Whenever I work on another project, my husband nags that I need to hem the curtains in the bathroom. I bought the hemming tape but it's not really an exciting project, if you know what I mean.

Well tonight was the night. Annelise was asking to do a project with me and she really wanted to paint. It was too windy and too dark to paint outside and her solution to that was to paint on her easel. Now I don't believe in painting inside and it's beyond me why I bought my child an easel that she really can't use. But anyway I convinced her that hemming curtains was fun as I tried to convince myself.

We gathered our supplies and had the hubby bring the ironing board downstairs. It was for him after all so he could pitch in.

Annelise thought using the "magic" lint roller to remove all the cat hair and fuzz was the greatest thing. It's funny how the most simple things entertain this child.

We measured and iron a crease to mark the area. Then we cut the hem tape and ironed it with the paper side toward the iron.

Here's the finished project! I am thinking they could be a little shorter but for now, they are done.

The rest of the bathroom is almost complete but the remaining items are up to my husband to help with now that we've done our part on this project!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Annelise's Room

Here's some pics of how her room is today.

I am thinking that I will do some sort of curtain above her bed and use the frame in the post below there as well.

I am not quite sure what to do on this wall or if I should do anything at all.

The curtains need to go. They are too short and I really do not like the valance.
I am not big on the rug either but Mike won't let me get rid of it because "it is a good quality rug."

The bedding is newer and I'd like the shabby chic look. The lamps are also going to stay because they were a splurge.

The right side sheves are probably going to stay but the left side is basically storage. I need some more ideas!!! I need to also scale down on the amount of things on her dresser.
The television is temporary....she only got to use it because she was sick today! It's usually in her closet.

I need to do a little something more to it but am not sure what direction to take.

All About Annelise

So today was all about Annelise because this is the first time she has been very sick in awhile. I am talking throwing and the like. Michael is always getting sick with his fevers but Annelise usually only gets a cold every now and again. (Knocking on wood like crazy).

This evening you would never know that this kid was sick today! She was back to her self...singing and laughing. If all goes well tonight, she will be going to school as usual.

I mentioned earlier today we cleaned her bedding (before I snoozed off). Then after dinner I finished tidying up her room and vacuumed. While I was cleaning I began thinking about how I needed to get back to her room and finish all of those unfinished projects I have in my mind...and in the garage.

Here's what I have pending:

1) Vanity/Stool
I painted the vanity that one of my co-workers had given me and I also recovered the stool. I
plan on stapling some material for the skirt but I am not quite sure what look I really want to do. I have some coups for Joann's and Hobby Lobby so I need to make it a point to visit those stores this week and make the material selections.

See my previous posts here and here.

Here are some examples of what I was thinking of for the skirt:

Like the way the skirt is gathered at the bottom. Probably would not do the flowers and doubt I could figure it out anyway!

I like how simple this is but the color is dark.

I really like this type fabric.

2) Mirror Frame

I found a great antique type mirror and frame that I got at an antique mall near my work. I removed the mirror but I did not like the finish of the paint so I worked endlessly with a drill and metal brush piece to get the finish off. I was pretty close to finished when I listed to the husband and got some paint remover foam. Needless to say, the stuff was on there for less than a minute and it started to melt. I think it is still salvageable but I was pretty bummed after that happened.

I need to just get a can of spray paint and finish this off to see if it will still work. The only dilemma is that I can't figure out what color!!! Btw, I plan on using this piece above Annelise's bed and finding a cute but fancy letter "A" to go in the center.

3) Chandelier

While on my lunch hour several months ago while I was making a return, I decided to see what deals I might come across. I spotted a chandelier on clearance for $44 and it was so cute! They still sold the same light fixture as a special order piece for $159! I picked this up and it is still sitting in the garage. I am thinking that it will work great in Annelise's closet...or soon to be dressing room.

Maybe I will spruce it up a bit more with some bling and some pink! Maybe something like this...

Another Sick Day!

Annelise was home sick today with a stomach bug. I took Michael to school and cleaned up the house today while Annelise was sleeping.

I washed her bedding and laid down with her and I was off to sleep myself!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mission Yard Sales Completed!

Okay so I was truly dreaming when I posted those pics. Although I did not find anything on my "wish" list, we did pick up some pretty good finds.

I paid $10 for all of this:

Apples and Metal Basket
(I really just wanted the apples but just took the basket anyway)

"Dream" Sign
Thought that I could repaint this for Annelise's Room.

Black Tray
These are always handy for any drawer.

Two Storage Boxes
Can't go wrong with these.

Set of Four Baskets.

Annelise also had to have a set of four candles at that sale so we walked away with quite a bit!

I picked up this mirror for $3. I plan on painting it an antique white, taking the mirror out and painting with chalkboard paint. I saw something like this on another blog and loved the idea for our laundry room!

And these for a couple bucks along with a Littlest Pet Shop House for Annelise.

I also got some twig decorative balls for $.50! I already have some in my kitchen from Pier One.

At another sale, I picked up a Tow Mater tin picture for Little Michael's Room for $1! I almost didn't get this one because the little brother at this sale decided he loved cars too! We were lucky because it didn't got with the other pics!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mission: Yard Sales!

Annelise and I are spending some mother-daughter time together tomorrow morning and we are hitting the yard sales! We have not been for some time and I am so excited!

I have to say that I love yards sales over the thrift stores because the prices are negotiable and let's face it, Goodwill is yard sale leftovers.

Here's my list of things I am in the "market" for:

Wood Nightstand-Preferably Black (Little Michael's Room) Something along the lines of this or with transformation potential:

(Pottery Barn Kids)

Pier One Imports

Wall Unit/Bookcase/Hutch/China Cabinet (Craft Room)

I've posted the wall unit I love so many times...check out my last post on it here!

Activity Table (Play Room/Loft)

The Land of Nod (Crate & Barrel)


I am open to options!

Jars (Apothecary Type)

Spice Rack Type Shelf (Craft Room-Paints)

Book Bin (Michael's Room)

The Land of Nod (Crate & Barrel)

Craft Table (Craft Room~Of Course)

Pier One


Chair or Chair & 1/2


I'm sure I am getting way to specifc for yards sales but a girl can dream, right? I just hope we find good things for good deals and have a great time!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My daughter recognizes Goodwill each time we pass one no matter what part of town we are in. We go there time and time again but almost every time we leave empty handed. I never seem to find the fabulous things that the other bloggers land and I think they are overpriced...yet I continue to go hoping to find that wonderful something that I don't know I am looking for.

Yesterday, I was headed to Target on my lunch hour and on the way I saw a Goodwill. I was talking myself out of stopping but it didn't work and I actually found not one but two items.

1) Wooden Box $1.99
I am thinking this would work for organizing some of my crafts supplies.

2) Brand New Cork Board Kit $2.99
I actually wanted one of these kits when my husband and I moved into our first house together. The one I was looking at was $50 or something absurd. Oddly enough, I didn't use it for its intended use.

It fit perfectly in my bathroom drawer as an organizer for now.