Thursday, October 22, 2009


My daughter recognizes Goodwill each time we pass one no matter what part of town we are in. We go there time and time again but almost every time we leave empty handed. I never seem to find the fabulous things that the other bloggers land and I think they are overpriced...yet I continue to go hoping to find that wonderful something that I don't know I am looking for.

Yesterday, I was headed to Target on my lunch hour and on the way I saw a Goodwill. I was talking myself out of stopping but it didn't work and I actually found not one but two items.

1) Wooden Box $1.99
I am thinking this would work for organizing some of my crafts supplies.

2) Brand New Cork Board Kit $2.99
I actually wanted one of these kits when my husband and I moved into our first house together. The one I was looking at was $50 or something absurd. Oddly enough, I didn't use it for its intended use.

It fit perfectly in my bathroom drawer as an organizer for now.

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