Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Decorating on the Cheap

This is the first year that I have even thought about decorating for Halloween. I can't even remember what I was doing the last few years during this time.

I hit the Super 99 Only Store with my friend Marie and got some thrifty decorations on the cheap to go with my white pumpkins that I picked up at the grocery store yesterday.

So far I decorated our front entry table and this weekend I plan to work on the front porch.

Here's the breakdown:

Frame $0.00 (Already Had)
Halloween Sign $1 (Dollar Store)
Headstone $1 (Dollar Store)
Garland $1 (Dollar Store)
Crow $1 (Dollar Store)
Glittered Skull $1 Dollar Store
2 Small Pumpkins $.69 x 2
1 Large Pumpkin $4.99
Vinyl Letters (Already Had) $0.00
Total = $11.37

1 comment:

  1. Anne that is adorable! I am loving the idea of black vinyl letters on white punkins!

    cute cute cute.
    btw, thanks so much for stopping by! come by anytime :)