Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Overdue Projects

Subconsciously, I procrastinate anything my husband tells me to do around the house. It's usually nothing too big because I generally take it upon myself to clean and do laundry.

Several years ago...four probably to be exact, I decorated our guest bathroom downstairs and never really finished it. I am not much of a painter and kinda gave up because I was irritated with the whole ordeal. I did finish painting but was sick of the room by the time I completed and it was no longer fun to me. Everything else turned into a chore.

Whenever I work on another project, my husband nags that I need to hem the curtains in the bathroom. I bought the hemming tape but it's not really an exciting project, if you know what I mean.

Well tonight was the night. Annelise was asking to do a project with me and she really wanted to paint. It was too windy and too dark to paint outside and her solution to that was to paint on her easel. Now I don't believe in painting inside and it's beyond me why I bought my child an easel that she really can't use. But anyway I convinced her that hemming curtains was fun as I tried to convince myself.

We gathered our supplies and had the hubby bring the ironing board downstairs. It was for him after all so he could pitch in.

Annelise thought using the "magic" lint roller to remove all the cat hair and fuzz was the greatest thing. It's funny how the most simple things entertain this child.

We measured and iron a crease to mark the area. Then we cut the hem tape and ironed it with the paper side toward the iron.

Here's the finished project! I am thinking they could be a little shorter but for now, they are done.

The rest of the bathroom is almost complete but the remaining items are up to my husband to help with now that we've done our part on this project!


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  2. Awesome job Friend! Do you have a liner in case someone actually wants to use the shower though? Tell Annelise she did a great job helping.