Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

These last couple days have been a bit crazy at the Loyd house! We went to my work's Halloween Party on Friday. We cut the night short at 10 because we brought the kids. Annelise had a blast with the other little girls and my husband was on baby sitting duty with little Michael.

I dressed up as the "naughty" nun.

Although I had great plans for Halloween Day to refinish Michael's big boy bed, it did not work out as planned. I have great hope for tomorrow though!

We dropped off the Yukon to get the breaks done and had to find Little Michael another Buzz Lightyear costume because he did not fit into the one we had gotten for him.

We hit Walmart, The Disney Store, Spirit Store, Marshall's and Target but they were all cleaned out! Michael ended up wearing his Buzz Lightyear pajamas, which actually turned out pretty good because Mike took him home about ten houses into trick or treating because he needed a diaper change.

I continued on with Annelise on her candy mission for about two hours. She wanted to go to every house and was having a blast! We went through the houses in our area of the subdivision as well as another section. Her bag was overflowing when we returned home and filled an entire bowl full!

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