Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laundry, Laundry Go Away!

Laundry is never ending, especially towels in our house. Laundry is also one of the many reasons I have little time for my projects and why the projects I do work on surround around this room!

For some reason we don't use a towel more than once. I try to make an effort with the kids' towels but it never seems to work out. So, we do loads and and loads of towels, which I am the first to admit is completely wasteful.

I am trying to conserve and to be more environmentally friendly so I am pledging to make more of an effort to hang up my towel, as well as the kids' towels to reduce our water usage and the resources we waste. Not to mention, it may extend the life of my towels and cut down on my chores.

While I was starting to fold towels this evening, I was thinking about how my husband refuses to "learn" my method of towel folding. This is one of the many OCD things I do that drives him nuts! However, what he does not seem to understand is that there is a method to my madness.

Folding a towel squarely does not look neat. Nor do those towels fit nicely in the towel basket in our bathroom. When we first moved into this house in 2004 and bought new towels, I studied and memorize how they were folded at Dillards. Here's the process:

1) Start with a clean towel:

2) Fold the towel in half:

3) Fold the towel in half again:

4) Fold one side to the middle.

4) Then the other side:

5) Voila~Folded Towels

Happy Towel Folding!

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  1. my mom would only fold towel this way so...I will only fold towels this way. Basil doesn't understand why it matters, but it really does!! I understand!! Bas and I were the same way of only using a towel once but I'm on my greeen kick and can't make sense of it! Now, we use one towel for a few days (2-3)and its so much nicer. And the kids towels, they aren't even dirty after one use! I change M and K's out after 2-3 days just because I want them to have fresh towels, but honestly, they towels could be used for a week!