Monday, October 26, 2009

All About Annelise

So today was all about Annelise because this is the first time she has been very sick in awhile. I am talking throwing and the like. Michael is always getting sick with his fevers but Annelise usually only gets a cold every now and again. (Knocking on wood like crazy).

This evening you would never know that this kid was sick today! She was back to her self...singing and laughing. If all goes well tonight, she will be going to school as usual.

I mentioned earlier today we cleaned her bedding (before I snoozed off). Then after dinner I finished tidying up her room and vacuumed. While I was cleaning I began thinking about how I needed to get back to her room and finish all of those unfinished projects I have in my mind...and in the garage.

Here's what I have pending:

1) Vanity/Stool
I painted the vanity that one of my co-workers had given me and I also recovered the stool. I
plan on stapling some material for the skirt but I am not quite sure what look I really want to do. I have some coups for Joann's and Hobby Lobby so I need to make it a point to visit those stores this week and make the material selections.

See my previous posts here and here.

Here are some examples of what I was thinking of for the skirt:

Like the way the skirt is gathered at the bottom. Probably would not do the flowers and doubt I could figure it out anyway!

I like how simple this is but the color is dark.

I really like this type fabric.

2) Mirror Frame

I found a great antique type mirror and frame that I got at an antique mall near my work. I removed the mirror but I did not like the finish of the paint so I worked endlessly with a drill and metal brush piece to get the finish off. I was pretty close to finished when I listed to the husband and got some paint remover foam. Needless to say, the stuff was on there for less than a minute and it started to melt. I think it is still salvageable but I was pretty bummed after that happened.

I need to just get a can of spray paint and finish this off to see if it will still work. The only dilemma is that I can't figure out what color!!! Btw, I plan on using this piece above Annelise's bed and finding a cute but fancy letter "A" to go in the center.

3) Chandelier

While on my lunch hour several months ago while I was making a return, I decided to see what deals I might come across. I spotted a chandelier on clearance for $44 and it was so cute! They still sold the same light fixture as a special order piece for $159! I picked this up and it is still sitting in the garage. I am thinking that it will work great in Annelise's closet...or soon to be dressing room.

Maybe I will spruce it up a bit more with some bling and some pink! Maybe something like this...


  1. I'm thinking the vanity skirt as a tool fabric would look nice. Very lite,airy, and girly and won't show stains like a satin would. As for the blank wall what about a frames in different shapes, colors and sizes?? You could even spell her name in these frames, add pics she drew, random flower pics, etc. Just some thoughts while I'm sitting here