Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chenille Fabric from Joann's ($3 Something)
I stapled fabric over the old cushion with a staple gun.


I need to locate that old prom dress! I hope it is still in existence so I can re-purpose it for this project. Otherwise, it is off to goodwill on 50% Saturday!

Here's how the stool looks so far. (Bridgett, my floors are disgusting in that picture ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009


I went to find my camera to post my updates on Annelise's vanity project but it is nowhere to be found. I cleaned the playroom and it was not there. I scoped out downstairs and it is not there either! I'm sure it will turn up somewhere but just not when I need it! Oh well.

I mentioned we moved the office upstairs to our retreat in our master bedroom. It is nice because that room has it's own separate air conditioning unit but our desk set up is not too appealing.

So far I have $400 in JcPenny gift cards that I cashed my points out for. I almost have enough for another $100 gift card! Here's what I have my eye on....


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Playroom Ideas

My house is always a work in progress and I drive my husband crazy. I just tell him that he loves cars and I love chaos...I mean decorating.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I tore apart our house and moved furniture. We moved my husband's office upstairs into our retreat and I flipped the direction of the big screen and sectional in the playroom.

Behind the sectional is the kids play area. I divided the room in half with an Ikea shelf that used to be against the rear of the sectional like a console table. On one side is Annelise's kitchen and the other side is Michael's train table.

I'd like to get a larger table for Annelise's area like one of these:

For Michael, I'd like to get him a workbench like one of these:

I also need some ideas for wall art. Mike is not keen on the idea of chalkboard paint because he thinks the kids will think they can color on the walls anywhere. So far I am thinking a saying in vinyl letters somewhere but am not sure what else. The kids also need more storage...or less toys.

Work in Progress

My friend Jules gave me this great vanity. I sanded the top and painted it to match the rest of Annelise's furniture.

I need to find an old prom dress to cut the skirt off and staple on the table and bench.....I may have one in mind. I also am planning on recovering the stool with light green chenille fabric.

I recently distressed it to show the green/sage paint but I haven't taken updated pics yet.

Here are some pics so far:

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Wasted Day....

I am home sick with the flu today. I had the kids packed in the car ready to go to daycare and it hit me. I rushed them to daycare and rushed myself back home....bed....and then I slept until 1:30p.m.

I hate wasting a day off on being sick. It's not so bad when I take a day off for the kids because then I can put them to bed and get stuff done around the house.

So not to completely waste the entire day, here are some inspiration pictures for Annelise's Room:

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

Unknown Source





Original Source Unknown (From Lettered Cottage)

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

A Bushel & A Peck

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I picked up this "LOVE" sign in black from Lowes a few months back for about $2! I primed it and spray painted it pink for my daughter's room.

Our House: Upstairs Nook

We have this nook type loft area at the top of the stairs. It is an odd space because we have a huge loft just across the way. Since we bought a spec house at the foundation stage, the builder would not let us add a bathroom here. At that time, I really did not care. However, since having kids, I wish I had another bathroom.

For the longest time, we had a small desk in that area. We have a desk area in our loft so we did not use this space an office. It basically did not get used at all, except as an unsightly junking zone.

When my sister-in-law's boyfriend moved in so did his furniture. So rather than storing this set in the garage, we are storing it indefinitely in this area. I finally cleared all the junk from the table and hope to use this table for crafting projects and playing games with the kids.

I'd like to paint this space with an accent color one of these days but am not quite sure what color would fit and haven't found the time for this project.

Last year, I made this sign for this space. I loved the one my friend Bridgett made for her home so much so I borrowed her idea right down to the colors (with her permission, of course).

My friend Karrie's husband edged the wood for me and I painted it with craft paint from Walmart. After I let the paint dry, I applied the chocolate colored vinyl letters and then the lighter colored overlay.

Closet Tranformations Project I

My Annelise and I are in the process of turning her walk-in closet into a dressing room! We have great plans for this space, including a decorative chandelier from Lowes ($44 steal) and shabby chic vanity (free-thanks to Jules!!!). I can't wait to finish!!!

I found a great idea for disguising those ugly closet bars on http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2009/04/girls-closet-all-dressed-up.html.



This project started with centsational girl's idea and a crib bumper. Like many first time mom's, I paid way too much for my daughter's crib bedding. I looked high and low for the perfect set and the $600 price tag was the least of my worries! Funny how I spent way more on this than my own bedding. It got very little use because I did not want her to spit up on this bedding.

I kept the quilt in her room as it matches her lamps but I had no idea what to do with the bumper. I tried selling it on craigslist.org but got no takers. So rather than putting this expensive piece in a yard sale for $5, I re purposed it.

While watching hgtv yesterday afternoon, I used a stitch remover (or whatever the technical term is) to successfully salvage the ruffle. I had no idea if it would fit the rods. I was hopeful the ruffle would fit and with luck, it fit perfectly.

Crib Bumpers.....

What do you do with those no longer need crib bumpers......