Sunday, July 19, 2009

Closet Tranformations Project I

My Annelise and I are in the process of turning her walk-in closet into a dressing room! We have great plans for this space, including a decorative chandelier from Lowes ($44 steal) and shabby chic vanity (free-thanks to Jules!!!). I can't wait to finish!!!

I found a great idea for disguising those ugly closet bars on



This project started with centsational girl's idea and a crib bumper. Like many first time mom's, I paid way too much for my daughter's crib bedding. I looked high and low for the perfect set and the $600 price tag was the least of my worries! Funny how I spent way more on this than my own bedding. It got very little use because I did not want her to spit up on this bedding.

I kept the quilt in her room as it matches her lamps but I had no idea what to do with the bumper. I tried selling it on but got no takers. So rather than putting this expensive piece in a yard sale for $5, I re purposed it.

While watching hgtv yesterday afternoon, I used a stitch remover (or whatever the technical term is) to successfully salvage the ruffle. I had no idea if it would fit the rods. I was hopeful the ruffle would fit and with luck, it fit perfectly.

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  1. Friend, the fabric covered bars look great! Awesome idea.
    I am going to Lowes now to grab everything I need to finish my sliding glass door and start painting the cabinets in the bathroom. Wish me luck!