Thursday, July 23, 2009

Playroom Ideas

My house is always a work in progress and I drive my husband crazy. I just tell him that he loves cars and I love chaos...I mean decorating.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I tore apart our house and moved furniture. We moved my husband's office upstairs into our retreat and I flipped the direction of the big screen and sectional in the playroom.

Behind the sectional is the kids play area. I divided the room in half with an Ikea shelf that used to be against the rear of the sectional like a console table. On one side is Annelise's kitchen and the other side is Michael's train table.

I'd like to get a larger table for Annelise's area like one of these:

For Michael, I'd like to get him a workbench like one of these:

I also need some ideas for wall art. Mike is not keen on the idea of chalkboard paint because he thinks the kids will think they can color on the walls anywhere. So far I am thinking a saying in vinyl letters somewhere but am not sure what else. The kids also need more storage...or less toys.


  1. Hey Anne-Thanks to you, I'm feeling crafty. I'm trying to redo my dining room as we speak. I've already painted signs and spray painted Mason's table this morning. Love your blog!! Thanks for the kick to start re decorating again!!

  2. Yeah!!!!! Send me pics and I will post them!!!

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