Thursday, July 16, 2009

ISO: Detergent Tin

I have been searching for one of these tins without the $62.00 price tag! I'm in love with this tin for my laundry room!


  1. If you could find a tin, you could always order vinyl lettering to rub on!!

  2. I bought a three piece set, nested inside one another, at Michaels that looks exactly like that. Except they say "Coffee," "Flour" and "Sugar," but you could probably easily spray paint them and do the rub-on letters like Bridgett suggests.
    I got them for $4.50, for all three, because the Michael's employee and I didn't realize the smaller tins inside also had bar codes on them. When I got home I realized it, but I didn't go back. (Going to hell, I know).
    Thanks for the awesome idea though. Mom is still working on her laundry room, she'll love the medium sized one. Maybe when you come down here we can do this project and you can have the large one!

  3. I have a tin just like the one above--bought at Restoration Hardware. It says Laundry and has a white scoop that hands on the handle. If you are interested, I can send a picture. Where are you located?