Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our House: Upstairs Nook

We have this nook type loft area at the top of the stairs. It is an odd space because we have a huge loft just across the way. Since we bought a spec house at the foundation stage, the builder would not let us add a bathroom here. At that time, I really did not care. However, since having kids, I wish I had another bathroom.

For the longest time, we had a small desk in that area. We have a desk area in our loft so we did not use this space an office. It basically did not get used at all, except as an unsightly junking zone.

When my sister-in-law's boyfriend moved in so did his furniture. So rather than storing this set in the garage, we are storing it indefinitely in this area. I finally cleared all the junk from the table and hope to use this table for crafting projects and playing games with the kids.

I'd like to paint this space with an accent color one of these days but am not quite sure what color would fit and haven't found the time for this project.

Last year, I made this sign for this space. I loved the one my friend Bridgett made for her home so much so I borrowed her idea right down to the colors (with her permission, of course).

My friend Karrie's husband edged the wood for me and I painted it with craft paint from Walmart. After I let the paint dry, I applied the chocolate colored vinyl letters and then the lighter colored overlay.

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