Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finally Finished

I started this project at least two weeks ago...I move slow. Usually the most progress is made when Little Michael takes his naps on the weekends and I multicraft on a few different projects at a time while I try to clean the house.

This project was "inspired" by Shanty2Chic tiered cake stand that was posted a bit ago here.

The lids were saved from these hat boxes that were in the yard sale pile (which is overtaking the craft room).

These lids were transformed with a couple coats of Rust-Oleum Heirloom White spray paint.

Before I painted that candlesticks, I removed the screw from the bottom of one of them and used it with the finial to give it some height.

I them spray painted each of the candlesticks and the smaller candle holders and then glued them to the lids with Gorilla Glue. Then antiqued the sticks with a 3m sanding block.

After dusting, I applied a coat of Ralph Lauren Tobacco Glaze and wiped it off with a rag.

...and I was almost finished!

But it needed something more. I planned on picking up some pine cones from around the office on Monday but I really didn't want to wait until then.

Annelise knew exactly where to find a potpourri bowl that one of my sisters made for us several years ago and it worked out perfectly!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gobble Gobble Til You Wobble

Annelise's class is having a Thanksgiving Feast next week and her homework was to make a place mat by tomorrow.

I emailed my pal at Heather's Haven and she thought it needed something more so we pulled out some brown paint....and

Her teacher will be laminating them so I hope burlap laminates (knocking on wood).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fountain Hills Arts & Crafts Fair

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that we were headed off to the Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts fair for a girls day out with the in-laws and my Bananalise but I forgot all about posting about our day until now.

I was disappointed because I expected to see more of the home decor type art projects like those in some of my favorite etsy stores.

However, there was excellent food....

friendly furry ones....

Annelise became a deputy sheriff...

...and we did find something at a booth on the way out as we were resting our tired feet across the way.

My mother-in-law bought this quilt as a belated gift for Little Michael's 2nd Birthday and it will soon have a home on his twin bed. I know, I known, I have not yet started on it. Not sure if I am just procrastinating all the work involved or having my little boy grow up a little more.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Something Old

I love going to antique shops and antique malls. There is something about reliving old times through a piece of furniture, camera or typewriter.

With the old, there is a sense of quality and integrity that you don't find in items these days.

Does this chair look familiar? Mine was $2...
This Chair $69

Someday, my chair will look this good or better!
I've been sanding but there is much more work ahead on this project.


$15.00 for the set of three tins. I do like these but not sure that I need any storage like this for the craft room.

I wonder if it still works?

Old Door I
This would work great as a headboard.
This is my favorite piece!

Old Door II
There is potential...can't remember the price though!

Framed Mirror
I thought this could work over Annelise's bed if my other project did not work out.

Dress Form
So cute! I love these dress forms. So chic.

Chandelier Tin
I love these chandeliers! This probably isn't old
but it is classy!

Old Cameras
I want something a little older.

Black Bins/Knobs
I love this as a storage idea for my craft room.
Also looking for an old door knob for another project but I did not quite find what I was looking for.

Ballet Tutu
Swan Lake?

Airplane Pictures

Frame Picture

This is not old either but it is
exactly the frame I want above A's bed!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Shanty2Chic Craft with Candle Sticks

Here is yet another good idea with those inexpensive candlesticks at Michael's. They are even cheaper if you cut out the 40% off coupon from this Sunday's paper! I have a feeling that these sticks are going to be flying off the shelves soon, if not already! I'm in love with this idea!

Christmas Apothecaries

For more details on making the jars themselves check out this link:

Fall Apothecaries

Stay tuned for more on this weekend's craft fair and hopefully soon to be completed projects!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Night Life

....or lack thereof! After dinner, Mike, Annelise, Little Michael and I headed out for some shopping on this spooky night...Friday the 13th that is!

We shopped:

I did not find any housewares at Penny's but I did pick up what I believe to be a fairly good deal on perfume. There is a Sephora at this location and if you buy their sample pack for $50, it includes a certificate for a free full size perfume of your choice. So naturally, I asked to get my free one right then and there, which turned out to be no problem at all. I chose:

Ralph Lauren Romance

We then headed off to:

This is one of my favorite stores and there is usually so much that I want! Luckily, I walked out spending $10 on some skeleton keys (see below) and a three pack of kids' movies.

Here's some things for my *wish* list:

I thought this was unique but not quite sure where I would put it!

I loved these frames for Annelise's room but she probably does not need anymore frames...actually she already has too many!

I thought this jewelry holder would be cute in her "dressing room" closet but I already bought her something else.

This is similar to the frame that I used for our Halloween Decor. I do love this style and actually took this picture for my friend Heather but she still has not updated her iphone to get pictures...silly girl!

I took a picture of these because Heather scored something similar (but square) for her parent's new vacation cabin at one of the yard sales we skipped through last weekend! She only paid $1 for all of them though!

Last and least favorite store of all was:

and we did not find a thing! Sad for me but happy for the wallet!

I need to save some dough because it is girl's day out with the mother in-law, sister in-law and Bananalise tomorrow.

On the way in, we will be hitting the sales in Snottsdale...I mean Scottsdale to see if they are getting rid of any pottery barn, zgallerie, restoration hardware, etc. items that I am in love with. Regardless I hope to find good deals on great things that I really don't need....but want and have to have!

The main reason for our trip is for an arts and crafts fair! And if we have more time, it will be Scottsdale Goodwill and other Thrift Stores in the upper side of town ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


About a month ago, my bff Heather told me about a great store called Restore that we needed to check out in Vegas the next time I came into visit.

I had long forgotten about this store until I read a post at Our Suburban Cottage. I learned that this great store my friend was telling me about has stores all over the place and it is run by Habitat for Humanity.

Here's a picture of the location that Annicole visited. Isn't the sign cute?

The Mesa, Arizona location was not so cute but there was definitely some good finds. It is my new favorite thrift store.

This store mostly consisted of building materials and there was even some furniture. There were loads of cabinet doors.

A kitchen island for $60....It has potential!

Plantation Shutters...I learned that I should always carry my window measures....just in case!

Molding upon moldings.

And doors galore. They had stacks of brand new interior doors just like this one for $75! They are too small for our house but I thought these were a deal!

There was anything imaginable. Some old, some new. They sold paint, knobs, plumbing parts, tools, electrical stuff, cabinet hardware (not bad prices either) and much more.

Fortunately for my wallet, I checked out with two window moldings for $2 a piece. I sure will be visiting this store in the future!