Thursday, November 12, 2009


About a month ago, my bff Heather told me about a great store called Restore that we needed to check out in Vegas the next time I came into visit.

I had long forgotten about this store until I read a post at Our Suburban Cottage. I learned that this great store my friend was telling me about has stores all over the place and it is run by Habitat for Humanity.

Here's a picture of the location that Annicole visited. Isn't the sign cute?

The Mesa, Arizona location was not so cute but there was definitely some good finds. It is my new favorite thrift store.

This store mostly consisted of building materials and there was even some furniture. There were loads of cabinet doors.

A kitchen island for $60....It has potential!

Plantation Shutters...I learned that I should always carry my window measures....just in case!

Molding upon moldings.

And doors galore. They had stacks of brand new interior doors just like this one for $75! They are too small for our house but I thought these were a deal!

There was anything imaginable. Some old, some new. They sold paint, knobs, plumbing parts, tools, electrical stuff, cabinet hardware (not bad prices either) and much more.

Fortunately for my wallet, I checked out with two window moldings for $2 a piece. I sure will be visiting this store in the future!

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