Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I mentioned that I went yard "sailing" this weekend with my friend Heather from Vegas and my daughter, Annelise but I failed to show you what we came home with! We spent about $33 and here's what we got:

1) Pottery Barn Style Chair

This chair was in poor, poor shape. It was actually had sticky stuff on it, paint and was covered in scratches. However, it has great potential. Despite all it's problems, the man manning the sale wanted $5 but I offered $1. He would not accept so I offered him $2 and he went inside to check with the wife who must have saw what I did because I had a deal!

I went to the depot, Home Depot that is and bought colored stain! I was so excited to to try to get the chair done that I sanded it for about an hour on Sunday. However, I'm thinking of bringing out the big guns (my power sander) tomorrow!

2) "Package Deal"

Pottery Barn Style Stroller

Rustic Spools

NOT PICTURED but part of the package:
Brand New Bamboo Drawer Organizer
Practically Brand New Power Drill

3) Pottery Barn Style Thing
(Not Sure What to Call It...Please Refer to PB Catalog)

4) Candlestick

5) Organizer

6) Shabby Chic Butterflies

Weird number, right? Well this is probably the best steal of all because I grabbed these chic butterflies as well as a antique bread sign for Heather and offered $1 for all three! Heather could not believe that I was able to get everything for a dollar but then again, so was I!

7) Power Washer & Wreath Holder
(Another "Package Deal")
(Not Pictured)

8) Walle and Eva Robot Toys
Brand New with Boxes
$5 for Both
(Not Pictured)

I love finding great treasures on the cheap! I do need to plan a sale of my own soon though...just does not seem to be enough time ever. Do you think December would be a bad month for a sale? It is Arizona...

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  1. oh, that first chair would be so cute painted pale pink and i love the organizer you found.