Monday, March 15, 2010

One Size Does Not Fit All!

We all know how much I love Target!  I have found some of the best clearance deals at Target stores, whether it be in Las Vegas or the stores in our "new" home in the Phoenix area.

So, when I found a chair cover that appeared to be a fit for Annelise's rocker, I was intrigued.  And it was on clearance marked down by 75%.  Since the chair cover was originally $49.99, that made it about $12.50 plus tax, which sealed the deal.  At that price, I thought it was worth the gamble...and with a return policy so great, how could I pass this one up?

Annelise made it clear that she did not like the color green...I tried to convince her that the small amount of "green" in her room was actually sage and that it was very girly and Barbie like...

it kinda worked....And if it didn't, I like her room...what's her opinion count for?  I mean I pay the bills (yes, I said it!) and I decorated it before she was even born!

Should I be offended? So, Annelise was going along with it...until she saw the chair cover...

 And she fell in love...boy, do I have trouble coming....

She loved it despite the fact that this one size fits all cover, did not fit all.  Needless to say, I convinced her that this chair cover was going back to the store and my dear husband confirmed the same.  

That's right, we are the parents and that's all that needs to be said.  Okay so, it didn't go that way...I was just reliving my childhood...LOL.  Rather, I instinctively manipulated the situation until Annelise realized that she thought it was too big and didn't fit right. 

Quite frankly, no amount of ironing would save this cover's lack of appearance.  So all in alll, I saved myself $12  on car insurance.

Who says that happy endings are only in fairy tales?

Until next time!


  1. good idea on the cover!! (when you find one that fits) I got a really nice rocker for Kaden and am dreading the day I would have to get ride of it since it was so expensive and such a nice chair. Duh, I can recover it and put it in another room!! genius!! As you can tell, I don't think much outside the box until someone helps me out!! :)

  2. My mom got a chair from JC Penney online and it came with a cover that you zip on. It took two of us to zip it and still couldnt get it closed. Luckily, she called CS and they said they had a lot returned like that and they would send someone to pick it up. Now that's customer service! But also, it shows that chair covers are not so easy to find or to fit.