Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing with the Giveaway!

I promptly received the giveaway gift in the mail on Monday from Heather @ Pixie Dust but the week had been ever so crazy that I had no time to really play with this!

The week was truly crazier than the norm.  We went to Annelise's future kindergarten registration in our home district and added with a couple nights of grocery shopping, errands, etc. and it just throws our whole week for a loop!

But finally, here it is for all to see!

You know I am a sucker for boxes and barbies...I am already thinking of how I can repurpose these....We are very slowly working on transforming Annelise's room into a Barbie room so the card will be easy!

With this, Heather also sent: 

Not ONE,


But THREE Scentsy bars!


Sounds romantic!


So, I unwrapped everything and ready the directions while Michael played with the bubble wrap from the light bulb. Yes, a light bulb!

Michael loves trying to pop the bubble wrap!

I found it a nice play next to its predecesor....look at the Scentsy bar...looks like candy and smells good enough to eat...but since it's made out of wax, I refrained.  (I wonder if wax has calories?)

Yes, it's predecessor has been all wicked out for some time but still the jar still looks pretty!

Smells nice like a candle with no flames!

And itt glows just like a candle too and does a great job of distinguishing the strong leftover dinner smells!  I am impressed! 

Thanks Heather!!!

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  1. so glad you like it!! I normally put 2 squares into mine, but the website says you can do any amount you want. and that's so cool that you are going to re-use the card!!