Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chasing Chairs

Okay, so do you remember my chair budget of $40 for the playroom table?

I know, I am obviously not done with the table project since I have yet to post  some pictures but I assure you that I have made progress!

Enough about how slow I am and back to chairs...I've already spent $2 on my yard sale find so I only have $38 left.  I've been stalking chairs daily on and breaking for yard sales but no deals have come my way.

After returning the "unfit" chair cover to Target, I perused the aisles...naturally.  As usual I am scoping out the clearance and just keeping my eyes peeled for deals for those "necessities" on my mental "wish" list.  

Low and behold, I stumbled upon this:

 Poor picture, I know.  Let me explain how inexperienced a photographer I am hard it is to take a picture of a price tag at night with bad lighting.

So for you blind folks that can't squint hard's $10.06!

And this is not just any old chair.  It is a BRAND SPANKING NEW Kid Kraft Avalon Chair that retails for about $40.  It's slightly less at Wallie World and the lowest deal I have found is at Kohls with a coupon and free shipping...but still too expensive for me.

  Believe me, I have yet to find a slew of $10 chairs even at yard sales.

The box was opened but heck, it just saved me the trouble of having to rip the dang thing open.   And Kid Kraft is a good company as I have personally dealt with them before.  If something is missing, they don't want you to take it back to the store, they will send you any piece free of chair. 

Trust me, they sent me a whole new wooden mixer with no troubles because it had some green paint on it and I have OCD...They didn't even ask for the tainted piece back.

As luck would have it, all the pieces were there and by the looks of the parts, no one bothered to try to put this baby together before.  Everything was sealed and the poor person that ordered this  online it delievered during the early part of February. 

Yes, the shipping label was still on the box. 

For the sake of privacy, I will keep the name a secret even though I am surprised that my favorite store would leave a shipping label on the box...geeze...can we say lazy?  Black it out or put a new label over it.

But most importantly, to that person who ordered this chair online and changed their mind, all I have to say is THANK YOU!

Let's have a knock on wood for good chair deals to come!


  1. that chair is so cute! good look on the other two.

  2. I'm shopping with you from now on. I almost never find deals like that, though I haven't bee looking all that much lately either! Great find!

  3. I'm totally with you in the chair department...I'm in search for a few myself for my office, and I'm not getting lucky. So, I'll knock on wood for both of us :) Great find though! I looove searching through Targets clearance sales, I have found so many great deals.