Monday, March 22, 2010

Born Again Burlap!

My Tulips died...
So I am a little dramatic...
They just wilted so I put them out to pasture....
In our garden so they may have a chance to live on!

However, I had nothing to look at inside.  I took my $3.00 off flower coupon for Fry's and bought some new flowers for $.99 out-of-pocket. 
With my black thumb, I my investment needed to me on the cheap side.

 I reused my burlap but this time, I cut a hole in the bottom beceause my good idea wasn't so great.

I used the cheap wrapping as a stencil and cut a hole in the burlap.
And there you have it!  $.99 of Happiness in my Kitchen!

 And you can't even tell there is a hole in the bottom.  Easy for watering! 
Hopefully this one will make it a bit longer!

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