Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shades Away

I know I have been a little shady these days but what can I say.  This was a big decision.  I mean, this is a lamp shade we are talking about.  In the sceme of things, it was a small decision but a decision no less.
And of course, there is that thing called life that gets in the way of all things exciting.

So I did what I do best...evaluate and contemplate until I really just wanted to pick a shade and be done.  I went with my gut instinct and went with the last of the three.   So here three be:

Yeah, I know...bad lighting for a post about lighting.

But, this is really about the shade.

And since it was #3 that was for about another looksy.

And the price that #3 would be.....

Drum roll please.....


Well almost but is was closer to three than two and there was sales let's just round up.

The best was saved for last and cheapest of the three!
Yeah me and the craft room to be!

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