Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recovery Time

March through June is a fairly busy time @ in our lives because there is a steady flow of birthday parties during this time frame.   Life begins on the weekends and with only two days available and the occasional holiday, little time is left for projects.

But that does not mean they have been entirely neglected.  My sidekick and I have been putting in some sweet sweat time out in the Arizona heat in an effort to get the table done.  Yes, it should be done by now but there has been sanding, painting, repainting and sanding (repeat three times more). The reason is....I am not happy with the outcome.   Let's just say that trial and error is in full force.  

Also on the forefront has been the "crap" room, which has seen great improvements but it is still full of crap.  Hence, the continued use of it's name.  However, the floor is visible and there is an unorganized order surfacing.

Additionally, I have been trying to get back into the coups.  I use them but I've been going through the burnout and I am working to reignite the fire!   I'm totally into Totally Target and vow to get some totally great deals!

So I am off to dealing (I mean with coups) and getting ready for a busy day!  More is come soon!

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