Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Heart Target

Target and I have had a great relationship since I was about ten.  It was the first year that I was able to do my own Christmas shopping and it was all taken care of thanks to Target.  

Our relationship grew with time and I was reintroduced to Target clearance shopping in high school by my dear friend, Heather, whose sister worked there.  Before I moved out on my own, I would shop there once a week to buy items on clearance for my first place.

My boyfriend, now husband, has the same love of Target and we used to go on "dates" to Target before marriage and the babies in the carriage...

The revolution of SuperTarget has been the icing on the cake in our relationship.  It's better than the blue store because you get that great target clearance and groceries for a one stop shop.  With SuperTarget came Super  Coupons for double the savings!

Tonight just renewed my love for Tarjay!

ADDITIONALLY, we bought three camping chairs and a twelve pack of soda for a grand total of......

$18 (and some change)!


  1. Okay, do you do something like Couponsense or do you do your own thing? I used to do couponsense but it took up a lot of time that I didn't have. I would love to know some of your secrets:) I heart a good deal and remember that rush of getting a tough of crap for cheap!!!

  2. I do coupon sense but you don't need it to do the deals! Totally Target really spells them out! I like cs because I can search my coups but I am a lazy couponsenser!