Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 Resolutions Have Begun!

Okay, I know it is February but I had to wait until now to make sure that I would actually be able to keep my resolutions...just kidding...but I did make some resolutions for this year and they have been off to a good start!

In January, I started eating less and eating healthier, re-sanded the kids' table (yes, I know...still not done!) and I am saving more and more money at the store with coupons, rebates and good deals!  I really have gotten more frugal than I already was...Yes, it is possible!

February has only just begun and what better time then start to become more involved with blogging.  I have plans to learn more about updating my blog and I have already added some different posting options.  Changes will definitely be slow but they are promised to happen!  Any tips and suggestions are much appreciated!

By this month, I also plan to have the legs of the kids' table sanded.  It actually has been "cold" for Arizona and outside time is limited so I think this is a realistic goal.  March will be the month to get moving onto paint and whatever happens, happens and I am not sanding that take AGAIN!

Off to catch a little football, attend a memorial/funeral & head off to the casino!  And yes, I have 9 coupons for free plan at the casino...hopefully we can use more than one because I have no intentions of gambling my own money!  There weren't any restrictions on the coupons but I am knocking on wood!  Cross your fingers that I win big!


  1. Linked here from FB. Thanks for following the Roaring Lions page! I linked to your page but didn't see a follow option.

    Nice blog. You have some good goals for this year! I blog at FAmily Fountain.