Sunday, July 11, 2010

Streching those Diaper Dollars

Sadly to say, my little one is not yet potty trained and he seems to be regressing...either that or the terrible twos have stolen my sweet little boy and replaced him with a mischevious munchkin that wants to avoid potties at all cost and is happy to change to a pull up with a new design. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that diapers and pullups are still in the picture for a little while longer, which means, I need to keep searching for deals and other ways to minimize the cost.
1) Internet Coupons:  There are a whole slew of coupons out there to print online right now.  Here are some that I recently stumbled upon (i.e.,,, etc.)

2) Combining Coups: I love being able to match up a Target coupon with a manufacturer's coupon plus a sale.  I can end up getting diapers at reasonable pricing.

3) Gift Card Deals, Extra Care Backs, Register Rewards:  Target has been offering gift cards more recently and the best time to buy is generally when they do the buy jumbo three packs, get a $5.00 gift card. Extra Care Bucks at CVS and Register Rewards are essentially the same concept. 

4) Compliments and Complaints:  If you have a problem or a praise, the main brands tend to send coupons and in my experience those coupons are worth the few keystrokes it takes in exchange for my two cents.

5) Points: Both Pampers and Huggies offer rewards for logging their codes from the packages.  Pampers has been doing their points progoram for awhile so the pickings are a little better and they change from time to time so bank those points if you don't see anything of interest.  Huggies offers free diapers so that is definitely a plus.

And for those who are participating in the Pampers Rewards or want to set up an account, here are some codes I recently found while surfing the web.  Pass them along because every point counts!


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