Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sanding Sunday

After hours of sanding, the play table is nearing completion. The majority of the table has been sanded and I just need to finish up one and half sides. By the end of the day...I was covered in dust...
The table had several scratches so I decided to sand it down to the bare wood. The scratches are out and it looks pretty good. The next dilemma...paint. You've seen pictures of the playroom and the majority of the decor is dark. The table will be going near Annelise's kitchen which is light pastel colored. I thought I wanted to paint the table white like the one @ PB Kids

I thought I would paint one of the chairs pink, another light blue, a sage green and a pale yellow. I only have one chair so far. I need to garage sailing for more because has not had much to offer. Plus I need them own the cheap.

(The table is about the size of these two put together so it will be staying in the playroom.)

I do like black but I just don't think for this table. What colors would go? Red, dark blue, green....then the table wouldn't go with Annelise's kitchen and dollhouse....decisions, decisions.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Just an idea on color, and it would be more work but.....I do like the idea of white with pastel chairs. Very PB chic!! I was also thinking about a black/espresso and powder pink combo. Paint the table black/espresso and the chairs pink, then to tie them together with a cute pink abstact stencil in the middle of the table.The chairs, cushions with a fun black and pink print or slip cover for the top. Did you see the little chair covers I made for our play table? So simple,no sew, just a little cover for the top of the chair with cute little charms on the back as an accent color.