Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diaper Dealing

It has been awhile since I have posted about diaper deals or deals in general. I happened upon a great deal posted by FirstFullofCoupons and my little chubby bubby, Michael is always in need of some disposable pants!

How could anyone deny that boy some diapers?

So I had to check it out and they turned out to be a great deal on Up & Up Diapers from my favorite store, Target! Did I mention...FREE SHIPPING!

Since we are an Up & Up kinda family, I upped order to the 60 Count Size 6 Diapers. The deal is better the smaller the size since you get more per pack.

You can also buy the smaller packs but for Michael's size it equated to more per diaper and I am all about the cost per item. The only thing is that you need to buy four!

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Here's the breakdown for Michael's size:

4 Packs 60 Count Size 6 Up & Up Diapers = 260 Diapers

Total Out the Cart Order = $44.59 (Includes Tax)

$44.59/260 = $.17 1/2 Per Diaper

To spice this deal up more, shop through your Bing account and you may get some cash back on top of this!

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