Sunday, January 17, 2010

HD's Shabby Chic Wreath

Our good friend and his kids from our "hometown" of Las Vegas came to visit us in AZ for a little defrosting. Yes, I know Vegas has warm weather too...but I can say from experience that Arizona feels, by far, warmer and less windy. It makes all the difference.

We had a blast with the kids and ate tons of bbq. Did I mention that it might as well have been the convention of the Michaels? As you probably already know, my husband and my son are both named Michael. My husband's best friend who visited us also happens to be name Michael and his son's name is guessed it...Michael.

The Michaels in my life go beyond this though. My uncle's name is Michael and his son is well..Michael too. My little brother is Michael and my boss also is a Michael...who has a son..Michael...and there are more...

Enough with the Michaels...maybe not because
luckily Heather has been creativity crafting because crafting time has been sparse in the Loyd household this weekend!

And I am sure you will need to hit Michael's after you read about her crafty creation:

She started with felt....lots of felt...

And she kept on cutting...and cutting circle after circle...

And she cut more...while you watched television...of course.

Crafting and catching up on shows go hand in hand...

It's multicrafting/tasking @ it's best...because before you know've watched a whole season and are left with a whole stack of circles...

And once you get all your circles you start a new season and start pinning your circles to a circular foam form wreath.

And there you have it a Shabby Chic Crafty Wreath for All Seasons.
You can decorate it for each holiday or leave as is to chic your shabby space!

Happy Crafting!
Anne on behalf of Heather

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