Monday, January 11, 2010

Color Scheming

Okay, so I have a little time to figure out the paint color for the table since my garage is in the organization transition stage and it's too dark outside by the time I get home. I am taking Bridgett's color scheme into serious consideration. In the previous post she suggested a brown and pink color scheme with a stencil design on the table.

Not only could I do pink but also a light blue. I'm fairly confident I could find a pattern in both colors that could correspond with each other for the cushions...that I may try to make...we shall see.

I am thinking a trip to the fabric stores (Hobby Lobby, Joann's) could help this process along. In the meantime, I did a search on the internet and here's what I am loving:

Chocolate & Powder Blue
(Photo from:
Chocolate & Powder Pink
(Photo from:

So onto chairs. I need to chairs on the cheap. I'm not talking $20 cheap either. I need chairs for under $40 for all the very most. After all, I did only pay $2 for the first chair and $25 for the play table itself. In the scheme of it all, I think $40 is a modest budget.

So since I did pay $2 for the first chair, I only have $38 left. I am thinking a little yard sailing and thrifting may be in store for me!

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