Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Sassy Suddsy & Stylish Soap!

Who hates to pealing label on the dish soap? I know I do, especially when you have a larger bottle it seems to look worse because it lasts longer.

My good pal, Marie just moved to her new place a couple months ago and was searching for an olive oil bottle...and for what? Her dish soap, of course ;)

It makes sense...I mean, it can be cleaned, refilled easily and the spout is just large enough to get enough soap out but not too large that you waste.

So I borrowed her idea a couple months later. It so happened that was wandering through Wallie World. My buy juice boxes for the kid's school lunches. But hey, who can walk into WW without making sure there isn't something that I really don't need, right?

Well, it so happens that I spotted this oil bottle for $2.97. A fairly good price in my opinion as I had not seen anything decent for soap at the dollar store or around my house.

I got our the Cricut and got to work. I cut a letter "S" on some scrap vinyl and applied it to the bottle. BTW, I used the Mini Monograms cartridge.

I applied a heavy coat of etching cream, washed it off after five minutes and did the process again. The longer, the more noticeable the etching.


  1. Great idea! We have had the same Dawn bottle for about 2 yrs and keep refilling it. How embarassing! Time for a change.

  2. This is a great idea! I plan to do something like day! Thanks for the inspiration!