Monday, January 18, 2010

Once Upon a Time....

there was a room filled with's still filled with crap but a little less of it and a bit more organized. This crap room wanted so, so badly to be a craft room but it just was not quite ready for it's debut.

You see this crap room had lots of junk and wished that it's owner would have a yard sale. (And it's state is that shameful that no pictures must be released until it's completion!)

The owner had every intention of having a yard sale but was waiting for the perfect time and needed to not only get the junk out of this room but also the rest of the house. And besides the weather was not yard sale temperature yet either.

So in the meantime, this crap room keeps on dreaming but has found a little comfort in a small clean square with a desk and all it's future decor just waiting to be placed.

....And until next time, this crap room keeps on dreaming for a better space!

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