Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wish Upon a (Clearance) Star

I've had a remind myself a handful of times that yesterday was only Monday....and now today is only Tuesday!

I'm about to get ready for work but thought I'd share my list of things I'd love to go on clearance (and I'm not talking 30% either)...or a yard sale...thrift store...somewhere that I can get a smoken deal:

Craft Room:

Target Version: $149.99

PB Version (a.k.a. "The Swivel Chair) $399.00

The wood sample is only $25! On a cheaper note, one of the cushions is on sale for $9.99!

PB Cubby Shelf $129.00

I wish I took shop class in high school!

PB Grand Phone $59.99

(I'd settle for the less expensive black one!)

Linen Pinboard $149.00

(I really think I could make this one!)

Target Vintage Pencil Sharpener $39.99

(Who knew these were so expensive?)

Target Swivel Organizer $19.99
(I love this!!!)

Boxed Notebooks for Each Month $99.00!
(Seriously Expensive Notebooks)
Happy Tuesday!

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