Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thinking Outside of the Box

I have found that the best organizing tools are not found in the organization department or specialty organizing stores. Rather, when organizing think outside of the box.

Find items that would ordinarily be discarded and then re-purpose and reuse. Here's an example.

This little box was getting ready to hit the trash and I rescued it...well I don't know if it was going to hit the trash but I saw it at work and claimed it. Around the holidays the office receives gifts in little things like this that are perfect for something other than it's original use.

And since Christmas is long over, I pealed the tree sticker off the front and it was already painted with chalkboard paint. It goes very nicely with the blue bin on the left that I picked up on clearance @ my favorite store...you guessed it...Target. And the price was only $3.74! The red bin was even better...FREE.

These will work great in Michael's big boy room redo...that is when I get to it!

Yeah, tomorrow is Wednesday!!! One day closer to the weekend...which means crafting time!!!

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