Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shopping Sunday

I shopped and shopped today and my feet hurt.  In the afternoon, I went to Fry's with Michael and then to Safeway after dinner by myself.

Fry's was certainly a success as I saved 79% and spent approximately $50!  The only catch was that I had to do three separate orders but the cashier was great about it and there was no one behind me.

Here's what I bought: 

1) Four Packages Kraft Cheese
2) Three Guacamole/Salsas
3) Two Packages Ball Park Franks
4) Three Boxes Cookie Mix
5) Four Cans Chili
6) Three Cans Rotel Tomatoes
7) Three Packages Mission Tortillas
8) Four Bags Quaker Mini Rice Cakes
9) Three 12 Pack Double Rolls Quilted Northern
10) Nine Boxes Kleenex Tissue
11) Three Liquid Dishwasher Detergent
12) Three Boxes Dishwasher Tablets
13) Five Packages Plastic Cups
14) One Thirty-Two Ounce Bottle of Liquid Coffee Creamer
15) Two Containers of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
16) Four Boxes of Nabisco Crackers
17) Three Containers of Sara Lee Cheesecake Squares
18) Four Boxes of Garlic Bread
19) Three Bags of Frozen Meatballs
20) Three Bags Goldfish Graham Crackers
21) Four Bags Goldfish Crackers

.....I think that's it....Plus one of the $5 deductions was not deducted so I need to go back and get a refund....I have tons more coupons I could use so I definitely will be making another trip to Fry's this week!!!

Safeway was not as good because they were out of everything!  I did pick up rain checks though and used the rest of my prescription gift card so my out of pocket was only about $8!  Here's what I bought: 

1) Four Boxes Kraft Cheese & Crackers
2) One Container Strawberry Cream Cheese
3) Five Bags Doritos
4) Couple Pounds of Grapes
5) One Large Dishwashing Soap

In regard to crafting and projects, we really did not get a whole lot done this weekend.  I had plans to work on the kid's play table some more but I never got around to it.  

We did fix the curtains in our family room by adding the extra rings I bought a couple years ago.  That chore has been on my mental project list for some time and the kids did not make them look any better.

The best part of all was that surprisingly, it my husband's idea. 

Here's the before: 

And the after:

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