Monday, February 22, 2010

Pass the TP Roll

As my daughter would say, that is potty talk and potty talk is only for bathrooms.  But what about the roll.  You know the brown cardboard roll that remains after the last piece of tp has been used?

My mom's club/blogging pal, Tammy, put her rolls to the test.  Check it out here!

How can you pass the tp roll foward?
(Or if you are like Annelise and this is too much potty talk for you, what about the paper towel roll?)

Here's some ideas I found when I googled the phrase "How to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls"

1) Store Extra Power Cords
(The Towel Rolls Would Hold Extra Holiday Lights Nicely!)

2) Plastic Grocery Bag Storage
(Good Idea for when you forget your reuseable & end up with too many Bags...makes if less of an eye sore if you bring your roll!)

3) Homemade Napkins Rings
(Just Thing of All the Ideas!)

4) Junk Drawer Organizers
(Cut them Down & Use to Section Small Items)

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