Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Drop in the Bucket

After a holiday passes, do you pass on those clearance deals? If so, you may be passing up on a great deal. I shouldn't be telling you this because that means less clearance for me so I just hope there are more people reading this out-of-state...

For literally a drop in the bucket...all of about $.50 you too could have one of these fabulous Easter buckets...but for what you ask?

Well, for organizing of course. Remember, the best organization tools are those that are not intended for organizing.  I love using things for something other than their intended purpose.   I mean how many times a year are you going to use an Easter bucket?
I've had this one around since the after Easter clearance sale at Kmart last year.  I actually had forgotten all about it.  But on a side note, it's my New Years' (or whatever  you want to call it) resolution to de-clutter and organize so I figured I'd better keep good on that promise and what better way than with this bucket.
 I got out the commercial strength Goo Off and this design was not budging.

So I did what any other crafter would do in this situation, I taped it off and got my supplies together.   Luckily the chalkboard paint was still in the kitchen and we keep the painter's tape in the kitchen drawer.  If you must know, it works good for taping the butcher paper that we wrap our freezer meat in too.

 I did a quick coat of paint last night and I did another tonight after dinner.  Despite this simple post, my projects do take more than a day.  I usually have to work in a step in between the usual dinner, clean up and bath routine during the week.  It's my small way of unwinding and doing something for me.  

After dishes the paint had dried so I removed my tape.  Except there was a slight drip problem as you can see. 
This was nothing that the Goo Off couldn't handle and voila...drip free bucket...

This still wasn't doing it for me because one, my tape job wasn't so good so it didn't look so straight and two, it was still too plain.

I still had some Target twine and I bought a new hot glue gun that I was wanting to try out.

 For less than $2, I picked up a new hot glue gun at a trip to Home Depot over the weekend.  I do already have one but this was a deal and less than $2.  Plus it has a thinner tip for detail work so I had to splurge on this one.

After a couple Disney shows and coloring projects with the kids, I finished my twining.
I have that song stuck in my head...you know the one...

There's a hole in my bucket, my bucket, my bucket....blah...blah...blah....

Okay...enough with the song.  Hopefully I can get it out of my head tonight!

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. cute!! i love buckets, too. just got some cute ones at the target $ spot.

  2. thanks for the bucket song reminder from kindermusik!! I have had that song in my head for two days now dear lyza!!!

  3. Those are great. I am posting a project using similar buckets today--now I want to run out and get some chalkboard paint. Thanks for stopping by my blogg. I can't wait to dig around yours and check out some more stuff.