Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fish Bowls, Flowers & Friends!

I never know what to title these posts so I figure the crazier the better, right???  Anyway, I suppose you would like to know what this title means?

It all started with labor, then a baby and a visit.  Our co-worker Angela delivered her baby boy this morning and we all have baby fever.   So my co-worker/office neighbor, Debbie and I made plans to break into the hospital and steal this bundle of joy!

When I say we...I guess I should just say me.  I miss those itty bitty newborn baby days...except for the late night feedings, diapers (well, not through with that yet), changing outfits several times a day and spit up!  

Debbie (Non-Pregnant Co-Worker) & Ryker Holden Harte!

 Just kidding!  We just stole him for awhile with his mother present!  We are not baby thieves like all the drama in the news!  Plus I am not sure if either of could nurse this baby or stand waking up in the middle of the night....even though I offered...I mean babysitting...not nursing!

Yes, I definitely am not up for that all over again.  Two is enough so I am just banking on those around me to keep reproducing!  Luckily there are a few in the oven at the office right now! 

Okay so back to the fish bowls.
This is a fish bowl...really it is!  And Debbie is holding the fish bowl!  You thought I was calling Debbie a fish bowl, didn't you?

Debbie is a closet crafter.  She will tell you I am in the closet because I literally am at work but in the sense that I am talking about...she is really crafty or is a great idea kleptomaniac...(Sounds like someone familiar ;)

Anyway, this idea is all Debbie.  She bought a cheap fish bowl from the craft store for about a buck and then bought some beautiful roses from Costco.  Who would have thought?  

I on the other hand would have jumped a fence or went to Scottsdale for the roses!  

I am not sure how this post turned into babynapping and stealing...but since we are on the topic...I was taking note of all the decor at this brand spanking new hospital.  I think I was embarrassing Debbie with all my comments down the quiet hallway of the maternity ward!
What can I say?  I was excited.  At least I held back from taking any pictures in the hallway!

I said the hallway!  This was in Angela's room!  The hospital gave her this cute little pillow!  I know I didn't get one of these!

And it had this cute little note...if you can squint you really can read it!

On that note, I think I am off to my own pillow!  Hopefully I won't have any crazy babynapping fish bowl dreams!

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