Friday, February 19, 2010

Love is in the Mail!

What I miss most about leaving Las Vegas is my best friend.   No, I am not referring to that weird movie Leaving Las Vegas or their friend, the booze & drugs for that matter.

In case you were wondering, in my past life I worked at one of the know the kind Vegas is famous for.  Just kidding, I worked at a law firm but we had clients in various careers.  Does that count?

Enough with my bad humor.  I miss my pal, Heather because she is that one person that thinks exactly like me.  We are usually thinking about the same things!  For example, about a week ago, she sent me a text with some of the things she bought at our favorite place, Home Goods!

Before I looked at the picture, she describing this great little herb box that she got on clearance and how she was going to use it for her chalk!  As soon as I realized what I thought she was talking about, I took a gander at the photo she texted and sure enough...she bought one of these:

Yep, just like mine!  She couldn't remember what blog she saw it was Layla's because I'm sure she would have remembered it from mine!  We have a psychic connection...what can I say. 

And the waves must have crossed because she must have known that we could use a little love in the mail this week:

Handmade Valentines for myself & the kids, as well as books for the kids!   I will have to read them right now but hopefully they will be reading on their own soon...

Now, I was  a little disappointed when I realized that this one was for Annelise. 

This of course is for the little man!  He already has the women flocking to him!!!

And last but not least!

See reading by himself already!  Who needs Your Baby Can baby can and he taught himself!  LOL!

Annelise was so excited to get Charlotte's Web that we rented Penelope tonight for our movie theater's a movie about a girl with a pig nose.  She loves pigs so Heather got this read right!

Speaking of pigs, we pigged out on popcorn, reeses pieces and ice cream so no new projects to post tonight.  However, let life begin...I mean the weekend begin! 

Shopping, Projects & Fun, Here We Come!


  1. Awww! Cute pics! I don't know if you read the backs of the cards, but I remember Michael constantly saying "No" and "Mine!" LOL!
    Which is why I put MINE on Michael's card.
    I'm glad the cutie patooties loved their books and that it made your day.
    Miss you psychic-ly linked sister!

  2. three of my favorite junk foods!! I am going to homegoods this afternoon and I am totally keeping my eye out for that box - so cute!

  3. I did see the back of the card! And he did not want to give it back to me and said "Mine". Miss you too! Get to crafting today sista! Your blog is needing some love!!!

    Heather, if you can't find that box on a deal, I was thinking that we could probably make something like it...may be able to trace a design in the wood with a piece of paper on top...still thinking of what would work! I love these and want more!!!!