Monday, December 28, 2009

The Loyd Collection has been Custom Published.....

Well Kinda....I ordered some stationary, address labels and stickers and the deal was definitely too slick to pass!

Check out the link from right

(The lines are from my computer...I will post the real deal when the are delivered in the mail~)

I am so excited to share my great finds. I plan to send out cards to family in the very near future! They will receive extra customization by yours truly soon!

If you would like your own celebrity's the dirt:
When checking out add the code "MADNESS" and like magic 70% is deducted from clearance items! If you are a high roller (unlike thrifty old me) and splurge on some non-sale items, use code "HOME3".

It's my understanding that the deal is going on until January 12th but hurry over so you view the best pickings!

Oh and last but not least.....


Did I mention that I only spent $13 and some change for all three items!

Happy Shopping!
The Loyd Collection
Anne, Mike, Annelise & Michael

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