Saturday, August 1, 2009

In a Pickle....

About What To Do With Those Pickle Jars?

Here's a project to dress up your jars to re-purpose:

1) Soak your jar to remove the label and clean the jar.

2) Create a vinyl stencil or buy vinyl letters at the store already made.

3) Use transfer paper to apply the stencil to the jar easier.

4) Then apply a heavy coat of Armour Etch with a Foam Brush.

5) Rinse off the Armour Etch with Water, Removed Stencil and Here's the Finished Project:

This is not the greatest photo....I put old fashioned style clothes pins from Dollar Tree in the jar, hence the "PINS" label.

1) Jar = Free
2) Armour Etch = $6 (Used 50% Michael's Coup) (Plenty Left for More Projects)
3) Vinyl = Already Had
4) Clothes Pins = $3 (Three Packs at Dollar Tree)

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